Thursday, July 23, 2009

Speaking of CBT

Well, we weren't really. But I was thinking of it.

We all know what CBT means. It is either to satisfy a sadistic female’s desires to hurt a male, or a masochistic male’s cravings to be hurt. Or both. Or a degree of both between loving partners. The common theme is that it is centered on the male genitalia. I am not suggesting that it is male centered, as such, except that the theme of this treatise is CBT, and only males have the C and the B in the T. Ok, we could talk about similar things where the female is the center of attention. Look at any BDSM theme on the internet, and that is about 99 percent of what you see. I am sick of it. Not necessarily because I just don’t want to see females being made “uncomfortable.” There is that too, but that is the reason why I don’t get off on pornography. It is male centered, and it does not cater to my needs. My needs being serving women. Simple, isn’t it?

What is it in your life?

MW and I like to play with a bit of CBT. Perhaps I crave it more than how much she desires to make me squirm. I guess we will never know who wants it more. I really don’t like the pain, but it feels so good when she stops. Silly.

One particular form of CBT is the benign but insidious chastity device. As I so adroitly pointed it out, it is not really chastity, but the idea of it that makes my day. Having something hard and unyielding on my private parts always does. I am an innovator and a craftsman. I have made many varieties of chastity devices ranging from totally useless and silly to heavy duty and serious. Some had been the product of my own fertile mind, others patterned after existing devices that we wanted, but were not willing to buy because of the price.
Whenever MW is on an extended trip, I am left to my own devices. My devious mind kicks in, and I go to work. I do a bit of metal and plastic cutting, welding, grinding, drilling, tapping, polishing, and before I know it, a have a prototype that many men would like to own. The fun is in the design, fabrication, trial, adjustment, and, of course, the expected and unexpected discomfort and pain. I end up discarding most of them. It’s no fun if I put it on myself without her telling me to do it. The other reason is that these are prototypes, and do not necessarily work out for longer periods, so when she comes home I don’t introduce them.

Back in our early days I removed my wedding ring from my finger to avoid damaging it while I worked in a chemistry lab. Looking around to find a safe place it occurred to me to put it on the Little Guy. My wife noticed it eventually, and it was a hit with her after I explained why it was not on my finger.

I have always liked to do things to my cock. By far the most extreme was my self-administered PA piercing late in our marriage and FLR. Sure, MW was supervising and taking pictures, but it was all my doing. But there is a lot of stuff a woman can do to me whose seriousness ranges between a simple ring on the shaft to a piercing. As horny and kinky as I am, I will take any of it, almost any time. Much of it is non-permanent, but once in a while we make a change that lasts longer than a simple bruise or cut. I am not talking mutilation, for I don’t get off on that. Then again, what is circumcision if not mutilation, and it is done with benign intentions. I never suffered that, but I fantasize about having it done to me as an adult, at the whim of a woman, just for the hell of it.

She took this photo before my PA piercing, after we were more seriously into
CBT as you can tell by the presence of Kali. I did point out in an earlier posting that even if I were the cheating male, with the Kali on, there is no way to cheat other than maybe masturbation. I have to be careful, however, to avoid prolonged erections because of the extreme pain. Of course, MW is not all that concerned with my pain, and does whatever it takes to give me an erection. She apparently enjoys the experience vicariously. I want her to enjoy herself, and do everything to support her. Aside from Kali, you can see that the wedding ring is a tad on the tight side. I never had a problem with it falling off under any circumstance. My sweet MW knows this, and once in a while uses me to satisfy herself manually so to speak. It is manual to the extent that she uses her own hand to grab the Little Guy (actually at those times he is the Big Guy) and would rub that sweet little nub at the apex of her nether lips with his head until she comes. You might think that it would feel very much like I am being masturbated during this time, and I have absolutely no reason for complaints. Well, you would be right. But there is more.

Aside from being a little kinky, as I said, the ring is tight. The tip of the Big Guy is huge, and there is considerable pain as she uses it to pleasure herself. There is nothing I can do but support myself on my elbows and enjoy her pleasure and my pain. When she is done, sometimes she lets me enter her at that point (unless I am wearing Kali). Of course, I must be careful not to be too rambunctious to avoid hurting her already tender parts with my ringed tool. In my aroused state I often get off after two or three strokes in spite of the pain. If I can’t, I withdraw and thank her. I thank her anyway. A few minutes of suffering will eventually allow me to revert him the Little Guy state, and the pain is then just a wonderful memory until next time.


doll said...

I recently read a book on CBT. I had never previously realised what the acronym referred to. Now of course I am very keen to try out some of the things that I read about. For the first time in my life I began to be envious of male genitals with all the fun things that can be done to them. I really will have to work on getting permission to take a sub of my own.

Susan's Pet said...

I feel as if I had just created a Monstress. If so, I am sure that both she and her lucky submissive will be happy with the activities and result.

Good luck with your obtaining permission. Maybe if he gives you a hard time you could ... ah, never mind.

little shaun said...

I am a big fan of women who slap and squeeze the balls. As it is well known that the testicles are perhaps the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of a male, watching a woman who has a man by the balls literally is an erotically intense form of physical harm.

Susan's Pet said...

Oh my, aren't we truly kinky? No expensive equipment needed, just a woman's loving hand to give us pain and pleasure.

I, too, enjoy the same, especially after she stops the mistreatment. Then I miss it again.