Friday, July 17, 2009

Perfection in Sight, Scent, Flavor, and Touch

It was dark, but I could see well enough to appreciate the contours, even the texture. It attracted my attention like any provocative sight would. I found it beautiful. Then there was the scent: it had not been washed, and was now open to the breeze. The natural pheromones that it exuded did grab me by the nose. I could live on that! I sniffed. I inhaled the aroma. It could not be better.

The texture and feel were what one would expect. I ran my fingers over it, and got what I expected: firm, yet pliable with a bit of softness near the surface. Next I used my lips, then my tongue over it. With the enchanting scent I could not resist. I took a bite. The flavor was exquisite: sweet, ripe, reminiscent of one of my favorite fruits. I took more bites and let the juices run down my elbow. Too bad that MW does not appreciate this as much as I do. She is into more spicy stuff.

I would want another from time to time. As you can tell, I love peaches.


ctredford said...

Very clever post. Well done! I just happen to see these peaches in the market the other day and the same sort of thoughts pasted through my mind.

Susan's Pet said...

Wait till you see my post on the pineapple!