Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Patriotic Friend

I came to a turning point in my youth when I would have died if I had stayed with status quo, and the decision had to be made in a matter of days. I am not talking inner city gang warfare or felonious activities. It is more along political and patriotic acts that most people do not take on knowing the consequences.

During the short time of decision making available before the sky fell on me I studied the options: stay and die, or leave. I left.

After a year of wandering over several countries I came to my destination, the USA. Shorthly after my arrival I was introduced to a man of interesting qualities. He, too, was an immigrant, but older, more educated, and more experienced than I. In him I saw the person who could guide me away from the bad things that held me before. He gave me the reason to do the right thing. He taught me that winning a battle is not the same as winning the war. He taught me that a war is never won over the long term. He taught me to care for the small things while I fight for the big things. He gave me strength to be an American patriot. He gave me the yearning to keep our rights and to fight for them. He taught me the history and the reason for the existence of the greatest country and nation on earth. This person gave me the material and the impetus to be who I am today. I will call him “My Patriotic Friend”.

Years later I served my time in the US armed forces, and in law enforcement after that. I am a product of that experience.

My Patriotic Friend is a poet and a thinker, whereas I tend to be a realist and a doer. With his guidance I have done well. I have referred to his memoirs and writings once before in Peasants In The Castle. I will use his writing and wisdom to share from time to time to illustrate a point or to add some spice to my blog. What I have found interesting is that his style of writing influenced me to the point where I see it as mine. In a way it is like plagiarism, only not. It could be that our shared heritage makes that an imperative. It could be that I simply like his style, so it is natural for me. I like to think that it is a tribute to an American patriot, a man of compassion, and a friend.

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