Thursday, July 2, 2009

Loop Was Cut

I wrote this back in 2008, but did not publish it. Given the previous post I thought it was appropriate to publish it now.

MW and I have talked of piercing for many years. Several years ago we took a vacation during which we had a wonderful time. The place, the company, the experience were perfect. In that setting we planned to include some piercing, the kind that most so-called professionals say, “Don’t try this at home.”

The evening came when I was finished with all chores, and was at her service. We were rather new at this, so she tied my hands together to keep me out of her way. Applying blindfolds to me was the final step before she set up the tools.

I was on my back. She cleansed my tip with alcohol, and proceeded to pierce. I felt a prick then it was over. I felt some more manipulation, but it was not piercing. After that she removed my blindfold and bindings, and told me to go to sleep in the other room. I am uncut, so you have to put this in context. There was not much blood, since the tissue pierced was thin. I was expecting a piercing of the rim of my cock. Instead, she pierced the thin membrane that connect the tip to the underside sometimes called the “frenum”. I was disappointed, yet at the same time thrilled to see the silver ring through my anatomy. You can’t really see the piercing in this picture, for the view would have to be from the side, rather than from the bottom. Still, it shows the yet intact frenum between the tip and the shaft.

Over some years of use the original pierced hole enlarged to the point where I could have pushed a pencil through it. The hole was not visible unless one pulled the surrounding parts just to see it. It did not get in the way. We lived with it.

For some years we have grown used to my wearing some kind of ring around my cock just behind the tip. It was really a wedding ring, only not placed on the ring finger of my right hand. In a way it was more appropriate, and we both felt that. In all other respect my uncut cock looked and functioned normal. But with the ring in place the tissue facing the ring began to thin. I could tell that it was just a matter of time before the membrane became so thin as to part.

The tissue did part. It happened without fanfare, without blood, without pain. One morning I looked at my cock, and realized that the ring was no longer containing the thin membrane. The membrane became cut, separating the tip from the shaft along the frenum. Now I have a cock that is sort of between “uncut” and “circumcised”. The rim in the foreground shows a cleft. It is a result of a former piercing of the rim in which the wire ring migrated to the edge, thereby exiting the piercing altogether.

MW should know all about my cock, since she has handled it much, including two piercings by her, and one observed piercing (PA) by me. I don’t know whether she was aware of the hole in the membrane enlarging over the years. I don’t know whether she knew that the “wedding ring” was instrumental in reducing the connection to zero. At this point I don’t know whether she is aware of the tip having been cut free of the rest. She will probably be very angry to find out. Maybe she will never find out. The loop holding the tip to the shaft became cut during the night of September 28, 2008. Now there is a small flap of skin left at the tip, and at the frenum. It looks different, but otherwise is not a problem.

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