Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Women

I have been reading comments on a blog, and made some replies to the original posting. There is a person who appears to be female who has also commented. As usual, we, the readers make good-natured responses based on the posting and also on comments made by readers. Sometimes readers take offense, and we end up in verbal free-for-all unless the owner of the blog or one of us calls an end.

This time I ended up responding to one commenter who said,

“As soon as a male needs training, he's already out of my book.
As soon as a male claims he wants to be trained, he's trying to top from the bottom
As soon as a woman believes a male needs training, she's wasting her time.
As soon as a female wants to train a male, she's not a femdom in my book.
And then, “Why should i care if a sub (as u call them), wants to please me or not? I crave danger.“”
My comment to her was, “You are destined to be one lonely woman.”

Well, the stuff hit the fan at that point, and she became offensive. After I reflected on the events I posted a comment in an attempt to defuse the situation, “I meant no offense. Let’s just get over it.” Those were not exactly my words, but I don’t want to get too sappy in showing all. After my comment was posted she made more snide remarks of no discernible value. Seeing her response I decided to remove my comment Her response to the removal was, "…removed his ‘peace offer’. Well, how about that! Males. U can't trust them, hehehe.”

At this point I will say this: As much as I love women, I have my limits. When I wrote my “peace offer” I thought that she had some redeeming qualities, and she and I could come to a reasonable relationship of somewhat opposing views. Silly me. No redeeming qualities there. Aside from her grammatically challenged writing and virulent opinion, such as,

“I'm not monogamous.
I'm not married, never will be, nor am i interested in married men.
Few males turn me on. Genuine slaves do.
I share my home with 4 other women, and have sex with all of them.
I believe that men who cheat on their women, should be put up for castration.
The concept of superiority/inferiority was removed from my life a long time ago, and is alien to me.
Femdom shouldn't find its roots in patriarchal cultures, or be based on male fantasies.
The assumption u could, for whatever reason, eat me for breakfast, could leave u with a major food poisoning.“

I think that she will indeed end up as a very lonely woman. She imparts no love or care, and expects explicit slaves. As I said to another such woman, “good luck”. It may work for a while, but wait until you run out of funds, youth, and stupid slaves.

I don’t think she has enough to give for someone to care. The one-dimensional male that she wants in her life is like a slice through reality: there is nothing there. She will wish that she had had the wisdom to give some all along. But by then it will be too late.


Mistress and nakeysub said...

Don't even bother trying to argue with someone like that. They're only happy if they're making someone else miserable in an attempt to prove they're "right." And you are right, she will be (if not already) a miserable, lonely woman.

Mknight said...

Exactly why I don't belive in or support Gynarchy or any other Female Supremacy group/movment. As submissive as I can be to my own Wonderful Wife, this woman proves why no group is ever perfectly superior to any other. Any women who can not articulately support there belifes and instead resorts to nasty remarks to try and make her point would never earn my respect let alone submisson.

doll said...

Knowing how carefully you phrase dissenting comments it is a shame that it descended into a catfight.

DoubtingSean said...

For such an intelligent man, you apparently have a limited experience with man hating lesbians.

This so called women has no respect nor need/use of men. That would be a lesbian. Yes, I know, this stereotype is extreme but then again, so is she.

Why she charades as a femdom, probably a complicated matter, connected to experiences of abuse or Daddy issues. Pity the guy/fool that subs to her, def. NOT safe nor sane.