Monday, June 15, 2009

Cybernetic FLR

MW and I do have an amount of affirmation of FLR as an ongoing thing. The problem is that intelligent beings are cybernetic. That means goal oriented. Being goal oriented carries an associated burden. We are not satisfied with leaving things alone. Continuing improvement is the goal of the day, any day. Status quo is for the dead or dying. If the man got his ass whipped on Monday, and the pain and bruises have left by Wednesday, he needs to do something about it. Either up the intensity or the count, so that the results in turn would persist until Thursday, and so on.

I am not really trying to solve problems through corporal punishment, although it has been know to work. I use it simply as an illustration of my point. Many men in FLR complain, or at least, feel slighted, when the woman does not continue to remain in charge in blatantly obvious ways. In their assessment, that is not even status quo, but straying off course. This is of course, contrary to cybernetics, and to their expectations. Taking the woman’s point of view is less demanding: “He is already goal oriented, so why should I do anything?”

Well, for one thing, even well oiled machinery needs to be maintained and tested periodically. A submissive man needs both of what a responsible person would allocate to machinery: maintenance and testing. But he is more than machine. He has balls and cock. And … oh yes, a brain. He is not all hormone-driven. Some of it is truly wired into his being.

It is known and accepted, that females during their reproductive years are influenced by hormones periodically to the extent that hormones affect their behavior. That is good. Males, on the other hand, are also influenced by hormones during their reproductive years, but that is bad. The reason it is bad, is because it is perceived bad, as in “Horny bastard who has nothing but fornication on his mind.”

That may be true in some cases, but I ask you, “Is it that a male is trying to be just a horny bastard for his own gratification? Could it be, that he is still primal to the point where being horny is in the behalf of maintaining the human race, and he is only doing his duty?” Just think of the females of the great apes in estrus. Do the males fornicate for the sake of fornication, or do they follow the scent and sight of the female in estrus because they have no choice? Maybe humans should have transcended the primal needs. Then again, maybe not. After all, what would be the point of living if at the end we all died because we did not act on our primal needs? So some of us at least should remain horny and attempt to procreate. So much for the rabid feminist view of having no use for males. Maybe some day, but not today. Today we need males to attempt to procreate just to maintain the species.

What I mean is, “Give us a fucking break!”

Yes, I know, there are assholes out there. But true assholes are non-gender-specific. As far as I know, all mammals have assholes, whether male or female. Male assholes tend to be more in your face. Yuck! But it is just as bad encountering a female asshole. Actually, it is worse, because we don’t expect it. At least, I don’t, since I put females on a pedestal, and it is a terrible blow when they don’t belong. Damn! That should not happen. Females are supposed to be nice. You know, like “sugar and spice …”

I have had my share of dealing with male and female assholes while on duty for the county. I would say, it was about 60/40, 60 being male. So we can assume that in an FLR 60 percent of the assholes are males. Be careful not to interpret this incorrectly as 60 percent of males in an FLR are assholes. I did not say that!

If you are female and are tired of hearing males in an FLR bitching, try to lighten up a bit. Based on my assumptions we are generally horny, and cybernetic, so it is not easy to keep silent when the partners don’t follow the plan.

I don’t complain to MW because she would resent it, and the complaint would not result in anything positive. The problem is that if I don’t complain, then she assumes that all is right as rain, and she needs not change a thing. This leaves me with a dilemma.

Being somewhat understanding of human nature, I have my ways to convey my message once in a while without resorting to complaints. I almost never get my way with her, but then, it is not my way but her way that is supposed to be paramount, so it works out all right. She is aware of all of my kinks, needs, and desires, so there is no need for me to “have a talk with her”. If she fails to give me any or all that, I don’t like it, but we both know that it is her choice. On the long run she does many wonderful things for me, not necessarily of sensual or sexual nature. We miss each other terribly when she goes on a trip without me or vice versa. Meanwhile I take what she gives me, and I serve her as well as I can.

I could do more, but I am not a fanatic about it, and she knows it. It is seldom that she needs to prompt me to do anything. Ours is not the ideal (fantasy) FLR, just one that works for both of us. I wish for more control by her, but then I am also cybernetic and horny.

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