Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She Is Back

After a week of working my ass off on stuff that broke, I was looking forward to having MW back so that I could take a day off. Having spent seven hours on installing a water heater that should have taken two hours, I was a bit testy. Then I had to go out and be present when the home inspector did his thing on my son’s about-to-be-bought house.

Around 4 o’clock I was heading for home when I ran into a roadblock due to an earlier crash. I doubled back, and took a detour of about eight miles to get to where I was going in the first place.
At home I had a drink, fixed a Spartan dinner, and read a book for a while. MW called at 6:30 or so, ready to be picked up at her friend’s house. It was after nine when we returned home. I unloaded her stuff. She was sick with a throat problem, exhibiting fever with her on/off need of warmth. We were both keyed up after the day, so we watched part of an old movie until she was ready to sleep.

This morning I did my chores and settled with the computer until she summoned me. I was expected to put those pesky cats outside because they were bothering her. I did.

A couple of hours later I went to see whether she was all right. She was feeling better. I made coffee and we spent a nice hour or so on the front deck enjoying the fine morning with one or our cats, and the dogs. We talked of the possibility that she would have naps to recuperate, so I did not make the bed.

While she was gone I dismantled her computer as preparation to install a new motherboard and power supply that would make the computer much more powerful. Well, stuff happens, and it did not work. This morning I offered her the use of the laptop while I tried to restore the old computer. She was still dragging her beautiful butt, and was barely there as far as computer usage was concerned. She did ask, “Have you made the bed?”

“No, I kind of assumed that you would be napping on and off.”

“If I do, it will be on top of an already made bed.”

Well, that certainly set me straight. I made the bed, and returned to computer restoration while she kept giving me orders about configuring the laptop so that it works right. I fixed the laptop, but the old computer still did not boot. I wiggled and jiggled all the loose thingies, but still no luck. I may have to have a couple of drinks, and then sleep on it before I make the sucker work again. Of course, tomorrow I will be back on hard labor, so the computer work will have to wait until afternoon.

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