Friday, April 11, 2008

Rapids Ahead

My Sweetheart has been ill since she returned from her short vacation with her friends. She has been struggling with sore throat and chest and head congestion for some days. It draws her energy and attention from the good things that she likes to do. Yesterday we decided that she would visit her doctor.

It is a little after midnight as I am writing this. I was awakened by her coughing behind the closed doors of our bathroom. I suggested getting the vaporizer for her, and closing the window against the dry wind that was pleasant for me, but may have aggravated her problems.

Our son’s escrow is supposed to close tomorrow. With a lot of signatures that he needs to provide another thing came up, and he missed his planned appointment. You all might have thought that we are the most well adjusted family. We are, actually, but some major things come up occasionally. He has had the same girl friend for about four years now. She and he have been living in our house sort of like married people. She is a lovely woman, responsible, who is struggling with what life had dealt to her. Our son has similar problems, which is why they got together and supported each other. Well, nothing is perfect. Even in my vast experience and wisdom I might not be able to handle some of the problems that they face. They have had a series of bad periods culminating in a scenario that is close to impossible to make right. The decision was made for them to split. I feel bad about it, I feel sorry about their inability to handle these. I miss her already. Still, MW and I felt lately that this was inevitable.

Bad timing. With the beautiful house that our son is about to buy, this is a devastating blow. Then he has some issues with his job that came on suddenly. We remain supportive, but just want to say that we have a few distracting problems.

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