Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heartbeats Accelerating

Those of us who are terminal romantics have a problem with listening to love songs and as a result not getting drunk or harming ourselves in other ways. It is the case of just not having another way, constructive or otherwise, to serve a worthwhile woman for the moment.

It is not that I am in that way, at least, not to that extent. I have a worthwhile woman to serve. My problem is that I am aware of many other worthwhile women out there who need to be served, and there is no one to serve them. It may be a matter of ill-timing, bad vibes, problematic social skills, and many other ills. In most cases a one-time encounter with well-meaning loving man she could build her confidence. She could build her acceptance of the fact that she is desired by someone, and that someone is willing to care for her, and serve her, at least, in a one-time scenario. It need not be kinky. It need not be weird. It need not be sex oriented.

I am listening to Linda Ronstadt’s “Heartbeats Accelerating”. For many of you she is passé and old time. Still, one must give credit to accomplishment and to talent. She has had both in addition to being a beautiful woman. This song is heartrending, being emanated by a woman who is in need of love, perhaps lust satisfaction as well.
“Love, love, where can you be? Are you out there looking for me?”
She is reaching out for the part of her that is unfulfilled. Not sex, not sensual satisfaction, just love.

She is ready. Her workweek over, no plans for the days off, she hopes for someone to appear and take her away to joy.
“Will you come on a Saturday night
Maybe then the time will be right
Love, love, where can you be
Love, I am waiting
Heartbeats accelerating”
The tempo, the cadence, the melody, all support the mood of this needy lover. She is open to the outcome of the encounter, not dismissing the sensual aspects,

“When you steal into my room
What earthly body will you assume
Love, love, where can you be
Love, I am waiting
Heartbeats accelerating”
I love women without bounds. This is one of my wishes to be super hero, one who could multiplex my time and place to satisfy women such as this. No harm done, not regrets, no bounds, no commitments, just pleasing one person at a time in the way they would learn to be self-appreciative because they are loved, because they are beautiful.

Alas, I am only human. I can work only on one deserving woman at a time. Even then, I cannot change one person’s view of herself. We are our own worst critics.


Milliscent said...

Susan's pet,

You are of course right, we are our own worst critics, and too often we allow our fears, fears about ourselves, fears of rejection, dictate our actions and limit our joy.


Susan's Pet said...

Miss Milliscent,

It goes without saying that I am infatuated with your image and projected intellect. The feeling may be sensual, but I would weigh it more as admiration of a person of worth, not excluding the sexual component. It is good to meet people with whom I can have an exchange on a higher plane than the usual sexual blog level. Of course, this is not saying that I don't enjoy your writings. Oh, my!