Saturday, January 28, 2012

Was that a Reward or Punishment?

I had done some hard labor on the property in addition to my daily weight lifting. Not being as full of vigor as in my early days, consequently, I was dragging my ass toward the end of the day. MW noticed. She fixed leftovers for dinner, and we made a good meal of them. As usual, I would have begun to pick up the dishes in preparation for washing them. She said, “You will not. I will take care of them.”

Hm… Taking care of “them” is usually my job. The idea of her washing dishes is blasphemous. I tippy-toed out of the dining room and went back to wasting my time on the computer. An hour or so later I ventured into the kitchen and found the dishes in the sink waiting to be washed. Not having much to do for the evening I decided to do just that. Afterward I settled down with a book.

Some time later I was ready to shower, and then watch a movie with MW. As I crossed her path, she said, “Look at your reward on the bed. You may have it before or after your shower.” The only thing on the bed that she had neatly made was a bath brush. I was not in the mindset of expecting a reward, but I sort of guessed the intent of the brush, which was neither a shower nor a bath. I left the bedroom with some feelings of less than anticipation. Some time later when I returned she ordered me to lean on the bed and present my naked ass. I did, and waited for the rest that followed almost immediately.

I am not a pain slut. I do not like pain. Still, under some circumstances, pain is almost like pleasure. You know, you take what you get and don’t argue. Pain I did get. That plastic bath brush has features that accentuate the impact when wielded properly. She did wield it properly, and it hurt my ass something fierce. I don’t know why she stopped after about twenty strikes, since the visual effect was not immediately apparent. She let me go about my business after feeling the welts on my tender butt skin. Soon after that she had stopped me and ordered me to pose so that she could take some pictures of her administration of her rights. The reason for my punishment, or “reward” in her terminology was that I ignored her order of not washing dishes after dinner. After I showered she asked me how my buns felt under the hot water. She really cares.


vs-boy said...

I cringe in both fear and anticipation when I think my wife may do this some day...

Her Majesty's Plaything said...


Nice marks! That would definitely pass for a "reward" in our house as well! ;-)

Susan's Pet said...

Thanks for the comments, boys.

Vs, your fear of this sounds like a love and hate sort of anticipation. It may hurt more than you like at first, but when it is over, the feelings I get are similar to some of my Vietnam days after a hard day.

HMP, I am glad to have your yardstick for my experience. MW comes through in unexpected ways.

tomtiz said...

i like the marks i wish it was my butt

Susan's Pet said...


If you are in a relationship, you may be able to arrange it. I am in one, but did not arrange this on purpose. Sometimes she surprises me. I wish you a good whipping.