Saturday, January 21, 2012

Problem with Postings

I can post as before, however, I cannot respond to comments. This blog site, it is free so I should not complain, has stopped me from accessing the comments section of the posts. Those of you who left comments please do not think that I am ignoring you. I just cannot get to the place where I can either read or respond to you. In time it may be resolved, or I may find another way.


Milliscent said...

Susan's pet,

I hope that it gets resolved for you soon, I understand first hand how frustrating it is when blogging software messes up our intentions.


BOB said...

The other day, i had problems reading comments at your blog and at a couple of other blogs.I could read the post.But couldnt access the comments section.So it doesnt seem to be just your blog that is having difficulties. I now seem to be able to access comments, here,and elsewhere.So hopefully your technical problem is over

vs-boy said...

I was having the same problem and it resolved itself today, so maybe for you too?

Susan's Pet said...

Thank you all for your patience. It appears that Google stopped messing with its software, and the problem went away.