Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh, I Am Chaste!

For the last two and a half years she has not initiated sex with me. What that means is that we have had no sex together. She has had no sex, and I have been doing no more than occasional self-gratification.

About a week ago she found a book that I purchased maybe three years back, “Male Chastity a guide for keyholders”, and asked me “Did you leave that out for me?” Well, no. It has been under her nightstand all that time gathering dust. Interestingly, she started making prurient comments about chastity and such, and even said that she would follow up on it.

I am in charge of cleaning our huge house. Since I expected to be in uniform (my natural state) all the time when at home, I clean the house as such. During the winter and early spring I tried to avoid any housework that includes the use of water where it could splash on me. Now that the weather is in the seventies, I have less resistance to wet house work. This morning she reminded me that the mistress bathroom needs cleaning, and that I would be wearing some chastity device. She suggested for me to get the old CB-2000. Wow! This is new.

We have played with chastity devices over the years: Kali’s Teeth, CB-2000, CB-3000, and some lesser toys. Kali’s Teeth is not a long-term device by any means. If you don’t believe, try it. The CB-XXXX is ok, and works, just that I could not keep it on for longer than a week or so for extreme pain conditions, and the unhealthy swelling of my foreskin. Even with that, the device had to be removed every couple of days for thorough cleaning so that I don’t end up smelling like a public men’s urinal.

In the last few months of our sparse sex play I bought a PA-5000 after having read some comments by happy users. I did email her a link to the web site where I bought it, but she did not comment on it. When the device arrived in the mail I tried it on when I knew I had a few hours alone, and I liked it. Since I am usually in uniform, I could not keep it on with her around. For that reason I had the device in the closet for a few months. A week ago she went on a two-day trip. I took that as an opportunity to try the PA-5000. I felt guilty, but also thrilled with it. I wore it for about 48 hours continuously. Here are the conclusions.

  • The measurement instructions on the web site followed, I got the proper size, so it fits as it is supposed to.
  • There is no discomfort such as the burning balls, swollen foreskin, and bulging and pinched skin through the gaps that I experienced with the CB-XXXX.
  • There is no need to remove it for cleaning. When I shower I simply wash the little guy as usual, and all is clean. A hand-held shower spray does a fine job.
  • When urinating with the CB-XXXX standing up (in a public restroom) I always worried about dribbling onto my legs or onto the floor, since the project no longer had the “fire hose” attribute. With the PA-5000, things work as if I had the little guy free: straight out into the urinal, no dribble, no mess.
  • At home I always sit to urinate. Afterward I splash some water over the captive cock, and all is fresh and clean subsequently.
  • There is no pain due to nighttime erection. Sure, I had tremendous hard-ons with this device on, but there is no pain.
  • It does not feel like I am not wearing anything down there. It has weight, the tip of the little guy does not touch things as much as if it were free, and when I lie face down, such as in exercising, I need to manually move it to avoid trouble. Other than that, it is just a mild thrill to wear it. Of course, there is the mind-fuck that goes with it. There is no chance of masturbation, blowjob, or penetrating intercourse with it on. An orgasm is strictly one way, pointed away from me.

Day one

After her declaring that I will be in chastity while working on the bathroom, I tentatively suggested that we might have a better device than the CB-XXXX. She asked, and I explained what I had done. She told me to fetch it. We sat on the edge of the bed while she watched me put it on. She took the key to the embedded lock. I explained that there is no way to remove it without the key or breaking the device, and that I have not found a way to masturbate with it on. She said it looks good, and she wants to take some pictures. I suggested that the pictures would be more dramatic with my erection, but that erections have been scarce lately except during the nights. She said she could come up with one for the occasion.

I spent about two hours cleaning the bathroom, not that it was that filthy, but it is large, and has many thing in it, so it takes a lot of time. It is now several hours later, and I am happy that finally I can wear the device with her knowledge and request.

Day two

I have a large room in which I have gathered a fair amount of weight lifting equipment over the years. I usually work out at home. The last two weeks I have gone to a public place where they do physical therapy for rehabilitation and strengthening relevant parts of the body. I have had some back problems, so I followed a strict regimen of exercises under the supervision of the therapist in addition to my normal daily heavy duty weight lifting at home. There was no problem with the PA-5000, nevertheless, I was concerned. One exercise involved rolling face down over a huge exercise ball. When my encased cock was between me and the ball, I thought that the plastic device might break, and embarrass me by the pieces falling down my pant legs. It did not happen. The other concern was when the therapist was manually stretching my legs and indirectly putting weight on my crotch. I expected a “crunch” any second. That too, did not happen. Maybe I worry too much.

MW was awake when I was about to get out of bed this morning. She took off her shirt and displayed the world’s most beautiful pair of breasts. I already had a semi erection, and that helped to keep it alive. She began to tease my on-off buttons (sometimes referred to as tits) to create a magnificent albeit captive hard cock. She was regretful that she did not have her camera on hand. It so happens that mine was there from last night, so she took a couple of pictures. Alas, my erection began to subside due to the shift of her attention, and the pictures did not do it justice. I might publish some anyway.

She is still planning to brand my ass. I mentioned that the therapist usually applies a couple of patches to my butt as part of an electrical stimulation. Well, it stimulates me in other respects too. She is one of those women who look absolutely healthy. She is trim and feminine, but looks strong. Her wide hips are encased in jeans that appear is if painted on. She wears tight shirts to equally great advantage. If I were young and single I would try something.

Back to the patches, I mentioned the placement of such to MW, and pointed out that I would find it embarrassing to try to explain the brand on my butt. She said something about applying a band-aid to the fresh burn. A huge band-aid. We will see.

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