Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brand of Ownership

MW has been hinting of doing some branding of my anatomy. For those of you faint of heart I say, “Relax, it’s not like in the old West: Yanking a branding iron out of a fire and searing my skin while three robust cowhands hold me naked to the ground with my ass pointed at the stars.” This is much more civilized. For one thing, the cowhands would not be employed; neither of us are that much into multiplesomes, although I could be persuaded. MW knows how to make sure that I offer no resistance. Even though it would be between her and me, she needs no assistance other than perhaps one of her friends using the camera. The other thing is, the deed would be done in the confines of our home, and probably using propane-torch heated branding irons. As for the stars, well, it may be done outdoors … who knows?

Several years ago she had decided to mark my ass as her personal property. She then toyed with the ideas of tattooing and branding. She chose tattooing with a twist: she carved the initial of her first name into my lily-white skin with a sharp knife, and then rubbed ink into the scar to make it a tattoo. The combination worked. I had a period of healing after which her mark was there for all to see. Alas, as the years passed, the ink faded. The not-so-deep scar of the carving is now barely visible. Then about three years ago se re-carved the initial and left it just what it was: a thin scar to mark her ownership. But, as time went, and is still ticking, the scar diminishes. I guess it was not deep or wide enough.

She is now planning a proper branding using something hot. I am not sure that she will really do it. She tends to be squeamish about that much potential pain applied to me even though she knows I can take it. I rather wish that she would do it. Any attention from her is welcome. You will be the second to know when it does take place.


Serving B said...

Very interesting. I think it's important to educate yourself and read far and wide about how to pull this off effectively and safely. I read one sad tale on a website where the branding was done poorly and resulted in an illegible mess of a brand. Good luck!

Susan's Pet said...

Serving B,

You have a right to be concerned about this operation. I have also done some research and determined that applying heat without some knowledge and skill will not necessarily produce the desired result. This is more true when one had had a drink or two before the application of the branding iron.

In a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach, I say that one may want to stand back and see the result of the branding from a slight distance. If it looks unintelligible from close, perhaps it was intended to be seen at an arm’s length, similar to the Nazca lines of Peru which are just perturbations of the local stony terrain until one looks at them from far above.

Speaking of a drink, well, if I am not the one wielding the iron but receiving the benefit, then a drink or two might help after the decisions had been made while totally sober.

Miss AJ said...

There is good information on the aftercare from branding on

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to clear scars. There is constant turn over of the skin cells so that eventually scars can no longer be seen ( unless keloids occur but that is a different matter).

Susan's Pet said...

Miss AJ,

According to my wife's latest plan, she is going to use a wood burning tool to do her thing on my skin. She being an artist, we might just get away with it. Of course, I will have to suffer the joy of it -- as it were.

Thanks for the link. By the way, how do you know about that? Are you interested in this practice?