Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Approaching Oblivion

I am still here. Not much has changed. There are a couple of reasons for my not writing any more.

First is the fact that I don’t really have anything significant to post. You know, things that provoke extreme responses, things that result in many comments. Which brings me to the second reason.

Judging by the lack of comments, it appears that I am not writing anything worth a response.

Given that, I feel that I have been talking to myself mostly. Self-gratification goes only so far. It has been fun, and I thank those of you who cared to comment in the past. I am signing off for now.


All For Her said...

I understand how frustrating it can be when you feel like you've posted something relevant and nobody comments. I keep plugging away because I have no where else to talk about this.
I wish you would keep your blog going and maybe write about how your wlm changes or how your viewpoint changes. My wlm is a mental and emotional rollercoaster, which is half the fun, I think. My feelings and thoughts are changing often and so I write about it.
I hope you reconsider!

All For Her

doll said...

Thats very sad.

I also have considered whether to continue my blog as often it appears I am writing into the wind. But I do enjoy having an outlet for any creative thoughts I have so now I know I need to write the blog for myself only. If comments come thats great but it is my vehicle for self exploration. It does take some self discipline to be so self obsessed as it doesn't come naturally to me to put myself first.

Please reconsider, I love seeing your comments around they are always so thoughtful. There are sure to be things you see from your own unique perspective that can make all of us that pass by think a little more widely.

Urmel said...

I did enjoy your blog. Tell us some of your experiences. Daily life is so much more interesting than anything else.

Ms Leather N Pearls said...

I just found your blog and I enjoyed it ... I do hope you keep blogging ...

cagedone said...

Can understand how u feel, though just remember for every comment you get there are probably 1000 that read and don't. I am flat our remembering my password ..which will be a challenge for this comment.

I put sitemeter on my blog which was certainly encouraging, far more people are enjoying your writings than you think.

Take care dude.

ps I am still around...I am just too busy right now to write anything in MY blog...but its well over due

Urmel said...

Why do we blog? Good question.
I had some thoughts to contribute, but they grew so lengthy, that I decided to post them on my blog.

Hope you don't mind.


Anonymous said...

I care about your blog and have read for some time. In fact even sent you an email to make sure you were ok. Was told that no you were not doing well and you were not sure when things would go back. I felt as I am not a personal friend etc, i was not going to pry but I will admit that I have missed you here. Your words and your day to day sharing of a life style that people would not see as the norm. I respect that. If you consider recording your lives here again, do it for you. i see my blogs as letters to a cherished friend or myself even. I do this for me and the friend I am writing to. It helps me keep it all in perspective.

love and miss you both

Milliscent said...

I too have felt the disappointment you mention when the comments do not come. It does sometimes feel as if one is writing only for oneself.

That said, I think that the thoughts given by 'cagedone' are correct. There must be a large number of readers for every person who leaves a comment.

Indeed my own blog has proven to be rather quiet lately, it seemed with very few comments. I learned though that my readers had not abandoned me for the moment I posted something beyond the norm comments poured in.

I am pleased to see that you are still posting, and I hope that you will continue for a long time to come.

Susan's Pet said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your genuine feelings and encouraging words. In a way I feel like a prostitute with a conscience: requesting sympathy in exchange for my writing. All that you say apply to most of us. I love writing, but in a way I want to withhold some of it. It is like giving away something precious in general, knowing that only some of the recipients are worthy. My ego gets in the way, and instead of kicking me in the balls where it hurts, it kicks me in the buns where it does not really hurt, so I don’t respond. But, as long as I know that you are out there, I will keep trying. Who knows, I might come up with something worthy of comments.