Friday, December 23, 2011

Bah Humbag

I am in a Christmas but Grinchy mood. I grew up in a sort of Christian home learning its principles and somewhat applying them. Over the decades of my development most of the rites and rituals wore off leaving me with only the principles that are essentially basic to our constitution of the USA. I can even say that I believe and practice most of the Ten Commandments, having exception only to one or two depending on the circumstances.

Christmas is a superposition of a Christian holiday on some long lost pagan commemoration of lore. It is supposed to be the celebration of the birth of Christ, Son of God. Fine. Keep it that way.

Even before the politically correct assholes began to object to keeping Christ in Christmas I had a problem. In my native country (not USA) the communist government renamed Christmas “Pine Tree Day”. You can imagine how well that was received by the mostly Christian populace. Later, being in a free country (USA) I was first exposed to Christmas music played in stores in an attempt to entertain the shoppers. This was a modern, electrified, version of the Christmas carolers of the days when recorded music was not widely available. Fine. I liked the music, just that, I did not really want to be subjected to being captive audience just because I happened to want to buy a loaf of bread. I learned to cope with it by spending less time in stores during the season.

Then the politically correct assholes came along supported by atheists who think that the “Separation of church and state” actually exist in the United States Constitution: no such thing. They began to object to the use of the word Christmas in any context. They still do, and try to figure out way to suppress the expression even on private property.

Over the years I became much annoyed with hearing “Frosty the Snowman …” and the like when out in public. I began to despise the “holiday season” for that reason, and also the commercialization of a Christian holiday: buy gifts that you cannot afford else you are in deep shit with your loved ones. The radio stations that I frequent at some point began to play Christmas music while abandoning their usual program. I stopped listening to radio until after the New Year’s Day.

Well, the politically correct assholes have had their way. There are fewer stores that play so-called Christmas music. That was fine with me. Then I had a revelation. I actually like Christmas music. Not songs about friggin’ Frosty, not the “fa-la-la” crap, not the “Chipmunks roasted on an open fire ..” not the snowy Santa fakery, but the traditional religious based Christmas music. They are melodious, they are inoffensive, and they are deep with meaning of tradition of the people who held their beliefs over centuries.

I am not a religious person, but I respect those who uphold their beliefs against opposing views. I tolerate any religion as long as it does not force me to see it their way or else they kill me. So, I am back to enjoying Christmas music, excluding the seasonal fluff from movies and third-rate would-be singers trying to cash in on the holiday. I love Christmas; I like the New Year’s events.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Merry Christmas SP! Have some eggnog and enjoy those Christmas carols. I had the good fortune to sing in a choir when I was a lad. The Christmas Eve service was really special and I have some wonderful memories of that. I am no longer a practicing Christian but I think Jesus Christ was a great man who had some important lessons to teach mankind. I am not at all sure we have learned them; even those among us who call themselves Christians. Like you I respect the right of all people to practice their religion as long as they don't "force me to see it their way or kill me."

Nice to see you posting again. Have a good holiday.

The Lady Sunn said...


Ayesha said...

Susan's Pet said...

Thank you all for the wishes. Ayesha, Enya is a long-time favorite with me, I have many of her songs. It is nice to see this video in which she sings the traditioal song without interpretation.

amanda said...

It was only as I overheard a comment in a coffee shop that I realized why I felt no sense of festivity.

Be it a result of anti Christian pressure or penny pinching by the authorities where I live there were practically no Christmas decorations to be seen except those put up by private householders. Combined with no Christmas music it was entirely possible for people like me who are not working and without school age kids to overlook and forget about Christmas. It made it very relaxing for me but I felt some sorrow that the special feelings decorations and music bring are now lost.

Milliscent said...

Susan's pet,

My view on religion seems to mirror your own, but I must wonder, what denominations would not kill 'unbelievers' if they were free to do so? History shows a long line of tortured and murdered victims.