Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is Nothing Sacred?

I have stumbled onto a blog much after its inception, and been faithfully following the plethora of posts with some pleasure. Starting to read it from its beginning I have not caught up with the latest, for I have other things to do in my life, so it will take time. The blog is written by a formerly tame, prim, and proper housewife whose expected and acceptable response to her husband’s request was “Yes Dear!” as she orally excited him as part of foreplay, followed by a through humping of her by the aforementioned husband. She had no say in how he ran the household. I gleaned this from her March 24, 2011 post. I will give you the link later. After a recent epiphany she now dominates him totally, including domestic duties, investments, choice of sex, and severe discipline and humiliation in public, with him as submissive. I think that the sudden role reversal that took place is questionable, but appropriate. I like to see such (assumed) wrongs righted. I wish I would be in her husband’s place.

The blog is well done. The writing is first class. The abundant photographs are excellent. The now in charge wife and the submissive husband are both beautiful. The scenarios that she, the writer of the blog, presents are enticing, and again, I wish that I would be in this man’s place. However, as we sometimes find out, when something appears perfect, it is not necessarily so.

In September this year, while I was still reading her earlier posts, I left a comment on her August 30 post of hers asking about who is taking the pictures when both she and “Sissy”, her husband, are in the foreground, which is most of the time. She posted my question, but had not left an answer as of now. I am still trying to catch up with the subsequent postings, so I am not sure whether my question was or is addressed before or after. My guess is that it was not. I will eventually catch up with her latest post and know.

I will say again that I like this blog. She, assuming that she is female, is an articulate writer who uses good grammar. Her subjects, narrowed to that of a dominant wife are well developed, interesting, and are likely based on someone’s reality. It could be that she and her partner have experienced much of what she presents, but not exactly as it is presented. It could be that the writer has hired a pair of models to pose for the pictures to document past reality or current fantasy. May people follow her blog but have not indicated doubt, rather, they are gushingly presenting their adoration. I may be the only one who questions the blog’s veracity. You may see for yourself, and let me know. At the least, you will be thrilled when you read about Ms. Marie.


rené said...

"I may be the only one who questions the blog’s veracity."

You are not. There are quite some others too. When I wrote a comment on another blog expressing my personal feelings of her "staging" her posts too much, she instantly "went for the full out bitch" when responding to me and wrote a quite invidious post on her blog about it (see Febr. 20, 2011, and read the comment too). In a short communication with her about it, she wasn't able to calm down or pacify her outrage towards me. Since that time I stopped reading her blog, but as far as I heard there were other posts with critical comments also after that time (I remember something involving a creek or alike). So, no, you are not the only one.


lawyer said...

Ms Maries blog.... yeah, that is a great one :-)

I do not know for 100% if she and her husband are real. I have never actually talked with one of them. But IMHO, there is not the slightest doubt that they are real.

I have exchanged a couple of public comments with her and nothing she ever wrote made me doubt her "story". Far from it. I never even felt the need to question her much, because I could actually relate to her and her feelings very much.

She does not reply to all comments. So, it might be that she will never reply to your question. However, I think she mentioned in the past that she does "stage" the events in order to have good pictures of it.

My comment probably does not help you too much,lol. But I just wanted to share my 2 cents. And from my female point of view she seems to be the real deal indeed.

And, one more thing: I think her idea of wanting to find a femsub is the first real bad idea she is trying to realize :-)

Susan's Pet said...


I remember reading your comment. As I was not privy to your prior communiction with her, I felt left out, and gave up trying to understand. At the least, I thought that you were a tad unnecessarily apologetic.

I am not seriously trying to debunk her blog, but I have an aversion to fakes. When a cheater is accused of cheatig, he can become very indignant out of guilt and embarrassment, so you may have experienced her fallout. My opinion is that she is not telling it as it is, so at least part of her blog is fake.


I agree that the photos are staged. The people behind them are obviously real. The writer can be real, but not necessarily the way she dramatizes her blog. For all we know, she could be a he. The irrefutable fact is that a third person is taking the pictures in which both actors appear. That cannot be reconciled with simple D/S activity between Ms Marie and Sissy.

rené said...

"I thought that you were a tad unnecessarily apologetic."

Yes, in hindsight I agree. But to be somewhat apologetic again, I've to say that at that time I was quite new to the blogosphere at all (having started to blog not even three months before) and tried to be on good terms with almost everyone.

So, I also had no intention to debunk her blog or even to suggest that it maybe fake. I just commented (on Lawyer's blog BTW) that I liked her (i. e. Lawyer's) blog quite well because it seemed so real-life and honest to me, especially in contrast to some other blogs (I not even named them) which I don't like that much, because they appear too arranged to me, too dramatized, written with too much focus on the auditory, and less depicting real-life. I didn't say that they were bad or wrong, I just said that they are not to my personal liking.

Well, that's all I said, but Marie was absolutely sure that I spoke exclusively about her, her life and her blog, and she attacked me for my opinion in a way quite disturbing to me at that time (being a newbie blogger).

I don't want to speculate how much of her blog is real, or if she is really a *she* etc. Her posts certainly make good wanking material for quite a lot of people, so let's have them fun. To me, to read about her relationship with her 'sissy' was often quite disturbing, and - as said - after our 'incident' I stopped reading her blog at all.

The unpleasant experience with her and some other bloggers teached me to have more backbone when getting attacked and in general to be much more relaxed about what bloggers may write at all. So, I guess, it served a purpose.

Have a nice day,

Susan's Pet said...


I understand your position. You have adapted well in the short time to the expected behavior in the blogosphere, whatever that might be. I would prefer to use the thick hide approach and not take that sort of crud seriously. The woman in question is not real, at least as she presents her stuff, so any dealing with fakes is fair. You are real, and I enjoy reading your blog.

lawyer said...

Just for the record:
I still think that MsMarie is not faking anything. :-)

Staging, yes,but faking? don`t think so. If one of you should ever get some evidence of her being a fake, please send me an email.Would be much appreciated. Would probably be real bummer for me, lol, but I can take it :-)

Since opening my blog, I got in contact with so many kinky people, people with so many kinky desires, in that context MsMarie and her blog seem actually pretty vanilla :-)

And guys, what`s the problem with using a stand/tripod and staging scenes at a later point of time?

And if you should be asking yourself now: why is this german woman defending Ms.(or Mr...) Marie so much? The honest answer is: I don`t know why I am doing it. lol. Probably a work related disease :-)

Milliscent said...

Often I think, even 'true' blogs are a good mix of fact and fiction. I think that 'buyer beware' must be the watchwords for reading kinky things online.

Fiction doesn't bother me though, I love great kinky fiction.

Emma Kelly said...

Hi Susan's pet,

I harbor the same reservations regarding this blog for the same reasons as you and rene' have. I was for many years a commercial photographer specializing in location shooting. I know what it takes in time and effort to fashion a good shot. Ms. Marie has explained that her photos recreate events though she rankles at the suggestion that they are staged which is rather contradictory. I also feel that, without a third party assisting them, the execution of her careful compositions would be much more time consuming than is obvious to an inexperienced viewer.

I stop short of calling the site a fake because I feel there is sincerity underneath even though her experience as a dominant is limited. Her blog seems to be mostly constructed of photo ops that don't give much insight into who she and her husband really are. She doesn't owe her readers any more than she wants to give. That's her right. It's her blog.

There are many blogs that don't bother with photos that appeal to me more even though I can't tell what's real and what's not. That's just a reality of "life" in the blogosphere. In the end I frequent blogs that I enjoy and that make me think about my own relationship. If they don't do that, I move on.


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Miss AJ said...

Hi SP,

I took a look at the blog to get an idea about it. It does looked staged but that needn't relegate to it the bin. It is not to my taste as I do enjoy reading blogs where I feel I could sit down with the author and share a coffee if we were ever to meet. But clearly there is a place for a well constructed blog for readers who appreciate a photo and a story combined.

Susan's Pet said...

I want to reaffirm my sentiments about this blog. I think that the writer or writeress is writing and producing photographs from experience. My only disbelief is the way the photographs, and perhaps the written material are presented. It is impossible to portray the photos as the writing presents it, consequently, either the writing or the photos are staged. They both may be based on the writer's reality. My problem is that since either of these are fake, or "staged" then the blog is no longer to be believed. I like fantasy and fiction as long as they are presented as such. But it pisses me off when either is presented as reality. This blog is not.

BOB said...

Some blogs are more believable then others. Yours is believable to me.As well as "Subservient Husband[to a loving wife]", " He rules the roost. She rules the rooster" , and the "Wife Worshipper" blog

In my personal experiences, i think that female dominated marriages are very common nowdays.But often they are "vanilla" couples who would never consider thier marriages as "femdom".

I have a friend that used to work as a carpenter and whose wife was a doctor. They led a normal life.But she was defintly in charge.Whenever i stopped by thier house, it was always him doing the housework. They moved.But i heard from a mutual friend that child care costs were getting too much for them.Since she outearned him, he is now a stay-at-home -dad[they have 2 kids].And apparently happy at being so
On one hand she was defintly in charge. But in a modren day way that many college educated women are. She once went out to see male strippers with her girlfriends.But im guessing that she would never have cheated on her husband.He did the houseowrk whil e she relaxed at the pool with her female friends.But he was hardly a "wimp"[he was a fairly muscular carpenter].And she was defintly not a "bitch" .She was a young woman raised in the late 80s and early 90s, who was raised with expectations and a confidence that her Mother and Grandmother probably didnt have

So for me, the best examples of "Wife led Marriages" , arent on the internet.They are in real life. Unlike the internet, the "dominat" women that i know dress casually in sandlas,flip flops,tennis shoes,ect.Rather than spiked heels.And they wear comfortable sundresses or jeans .Rather than leather. And they dont whip thier husbands or call them "worm".Ive often overheard women in bars chatting with thier girlfriends bragging about how good thier husbands are ,because the husband does all of the housework. Far from considering the husband to be a worm.the wives obviously have great regard for thier husbands.

And while ive stopped by friends's houses and often found the husband doing housework while the wife relaxes.Ive never seen the husband do housework dressed as a sissy maid.Im not saying that this doesnt exist.Im just saying that for every "sissy maid", there are a thousand guys doing houseowrk in jeans or shorts

Susan's Pet said...


It is good when people gravitate to their level of capability, and can sustain a working relationship. This one sounds like that. It matters not who earns a living.