Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Erection Prevention: Another Myth Debunked

Back in the dark ages when porno magazines were the only source of this sort of crap there was an ongoing theme of “ball busting” in which the poor recipient had his testicles crushed by a woman in some manner resulting in a condition that forced him to constant masturbation or else … the alternative was unclear. Once one lame brain male came up with this idea, others immediately copied it and related it in their own miserable invented context. The letters to the magazines from these readers were ripe with variations of the theme. Then the Internet happened, and later blogs came along, and the idea was picked up again, but this time on wider subjects, one of which was enforced chastity of the male.

Many creative short stories and blog posts have been written about men undergoing chastity by their request or at the insistence of their partner. Most of the time their partner is not aware of the practice, could not care less about it if she knew, and would not want to bother with the details of his latest kink. There is always something new that turns him on and he wants to try it at home. The good thing about that is that he actually tries to do it at home with his partner, as opposed to going to some professional key-holder or some ugly guy posing on the Internet as a female.

“So, chastity is his latest kink. Ho hum,” as she stifles her yawn, “What will he come up with next?”

He keeps wearing her down until she finally has enough and goes along with the device just to shut him up. He is now deeply in denial thinking she is in charge of sex now. Yeah! She drops the key into a drawer and forgets about it until he walks out of the shower sporting his paraphernalia, at which point she shrieks in a frightegned surprise.

The fantasy version is much different. She forced him to buy the chastity device, and then forced him to put it on and hand over the key. Whatever subterfuge or trap she used to get him to accept her terms remains in force, therefore he is powerless to resist. He is trapped in a hard unyielding device, never able to remove it unless she allows it. She decides when and how he experiences pleasure and pain, whereas he is obligated to pleasure her via oral and dildo manipulations, blah, blah, blah. You can tell this fantasy from reality by its stylized details.

The myth going along with that is that the chastity device prevents him from achieving any sort of erection. Well, maybe it does for one or two wearers, but if there is at least one man who will become erect anyway, then the myth is proven wrong. I have worn a few of these devices, and none prevented me from sporting an erection. Some of these devices allow the use of painful punishers, such as the points of intrigue that fit the CB x000 designs. These enhancements are cute, and are no problem when the little guy is flaccid. They become a fascinating source of erotic pain when one is titillated by the key-holder, but then the pain goes away after again being ignored. The problem comes up during a nocturnal erection that has nothing to do with sexual provocation. It just happens, and the points dig in. After a while the resulting pain wakes him, and he has to get out of bed and think of bad things, such as a water heater springing a leak and flooding the house. That will take his mind off the source of the pain, and then he can return to bed and sleep.

Even a casual study of the male anatomy will show that a chastity device will contain the erection, but not prevent it. So, when you read a blog and run across the claim that it prevented the erection, you will know it to be one’s fantasy similar to “ball busting” of the old.

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mysster said...

i never thought erections would be prevented -- just blocked, stifled, frustrated. these items don't stop urges, just the filling of tissue so as to stop the stiffening of a dick to its full length -- presumably, in most cases, more than the curved two or three inches.

and 'curved'. not 'straight'.

'prevention' may be a misuse, all right.

but 'control' it definitely is --either self-inflicted or at the hands of a Dominant.