Monday, August 9, 2010

Slave Versus Sex Slave

Men claim to want to be slaves to women. I truly understand their need, and I am among them. I want to be a slave to a woman. The problem is when, after cleaning toilets, vacuuming floor, picking up kitty and doggie poop, we run out of kinky stuff. The woman to whom we wish to be a slave is sipping her beverage watching some mindless TV show ignores us and we are bored. We just spent a day on drudgery, and there is no hint or promise of sexual joy.

That is slavery.

Sex slavery is different. You are called upon your favorite kink to do or not do whatever you like. If you like chastity, you are prevented from orgasming. If you like sexuality or homosexuality, you are prevented from all that or forced to do it. You are put into a scenario that enhances your needs and either helps or prevents you from achieving them.

The question is, “Who is going to do that for you and why?” Is she or he doing it to satisfy your kinky sexual needs, or to satisfy his or her kinky sexual needs?

Few men as highly sexed as I would refuse to be a sex slave at least from time to time. After a day or so of getting over the result of masturbation we all are ready to serve a woman, or even a man, to any extent. The more kinky it is, the more we are ready. Then we orgasm, and the urge is reset. A never-ending cycle.

Hell, when I am horny I am willing to suck a dick. Then I get my things off, and dismiss it as some frigging homosexual fantasy, whatever. About the woman, I could still do it but not being fully compliant with the implications as in her being in estrus. So, when in the sex slave mode, I am willing to do almost anything. Well, maybe. I look at a woman and say, I could be her slave. But the thing is, being a slave is more demanding than my idea of being a sex slave when I am horny. I don’t really know what a slave would be unless I were to get into lawyesrism. I know damn well what being a sex slave is: to serve her sexually no matter the circumstances. But whoa! That is a wide open mine field to tread Yes, I am ready, but not after I have just orgasmed.

I hate to be so fickle. I would love to have MW hold me to my promise to do … you know, all that stuff. That is, until I orgasm. Then it is different.

Would somebody please take control of my brain and say, “Having just orgasmed has nothing to do with how you feel. This is what you will do, and you have nothing to say about it.” That is how I feel in general except after you-know-what.


Anonymous said...

Susan's Pet:
This is a refreshing post from you! Very nicely done! I happen to agree with you, too (well, the suck cock part...not so much!). It is amazing how we wish for things in our minds as the intensity of our horniness approaches its zenith, leading us to admit or promise all sorts of devlish and wicked things. It is, indeed, an endless cycle. Beautifully said!

I recall rather recently how my darling B was riding me and telling me that she was going to sit on my face and make me suck everything out of her and clean up my mess. Now, this has never been a fantasy of mine. I had heard about others doing it and honestly, out of any real context, it sounded kinda like one of those "okayyyyy not my game but whatever floats your boat" kind of things.

Anyhow, in the heat of the moment, as I was approaching my orgasm and she said all of this, I was mentally like "Can't wait for you to climb up here baby so i can start sucking!!!" And then, blammo - the orgasm happened and it was like I was shot through a cannon back into reality land. "Uhhh you really weren't serious about all that sucking stuff right?" Turns out, she was. Turns out, she kinda liked me cleaning up after myself. Turns out it sorta has transformed from "not my game" to "part of the game plan" you might say.

My point is that sometimes what we think of in the heat of the moment as exciting actually becomes something our partner takes off and runs with and makes her own. I love the way a dominant woman thinks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my if I mistakenly refered to you by the wrong note in my original comment I hope you can edit it and accept my apology.

Giles English said...

Interesting post, especially with Servign B's comments!

I wonder if this gives us a sort of acid test to distinguish between different types of kink; broadly stuff you want when you're horney, and stuff you don't.

For example, I *like* being a mundane slave, the role makes me feel secure and relaxed. (It doesn't turn me on, however.) So I'll happily slave regardless of whether I came or not. Other stuff - I'm less sure. I certainly wouldn't want a beating post-orgasm post.

There's a twist. A chastity belt prevents you from getting off and back to normality, so I - at least - find it very hard to remove the thing once I'm in.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...


I would say I am definitely her slave. Sex is used as a means of reward and control! I can very much relate to what you describe! ;)

Milliscent said...

Susan's pet,

I enjoyed your post, the differences felt pre and post orgasm are certainly shared by a great many people.

Bondage can work wonderfully to get over that 'post orgasm I don't like this anymore' stuff.

Tie him up, have fun, let him cum, don't untie him, have more fun, get him nice and lustfull again, then untie him.


little shaun said...

My wife has learned that when she keeps me in chastity for extended periods of time, the drop off in my enthusiasm post orgasm is much less.

I am denied on average five orgasms per every time I'm allowed an orgasm. On those times when I'm denied, she knows there is absolutely no drop off. And on the times when I finally get to release, it simply isn't enough. I need more, but she knows that it would make me lazy. So usually after my orgasm, I'm locked back up for another period of denial.

Susan's Pet said...

Little Shaun,

I am glad it works for the two of you. It sounds like fun, daring, and useful.